3 things I wish I’d known about life with a toddler and newborn:

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You’ve done it before. You know how to work the buggy, feed, change and soothe a little sleep-thief and you are well practiced in going about your daily business one-handed. You are under no illusion it will be easy and you mentally prepare yourself for the return of sleepless…

Beware the domestic bomb of shittiness.

At some point it WILL get you. You can’t hide. Nowhere is safe and it could strike at any time. But if you want to be on your guard, consider that it usually happens when you are least expecting it, when you are on your own and solely responsible for the well-being of tiny humans,… Continue reading Beware the domestic bomb of shittiness.

Things that boys should know:

I’m not, nor have I ever been in fact, a boy. With two sisters, I grew up in very much a ‘girls’ world’. We had dolls; we wore pretty dresses and had French plaits in out hair; we watched the little mermaid on repeat and yet I also grew up, unashamedly, a feminist. I didn’t… Continue reading Things that boys should know:

It wasn’t what I thought it would be…

Later this week my maternity leave will officially come to an end. The bubble will pop and, for the second time, I will rejoin ‘the real world’. It’s fitting that we should so often refer to the non-maternity world as ‘real’, because so much about the maternity bubble is in its own way, surreal. Somewhere… Continue reading It wasn’t what I thought it would be…

To the lady in the toilet…thank you.

I spent 20 minutes in the toilet at soft play this morning. If you were there, no matter where you were sat, you probably heard me, or at least saw me leave. I was the one carrying a screaming boy under my left arm, whilst clumsily steering the overtired baby in the buggy and carrying… Continue reading To the lady in the toilet…thank you.

A Parenting Resolution: The Little Things

Sometimes, ‘adulting’ is just a bit, well rubbish. There are so many ‘little things’ to do and organise that it’s easy to get lost in it all. Somebody always needs clothes buying, washing or ironing; noses need wiping and nappies changing; the cupboards need refilling almost constantly, as do hungry tummies; cleaning is constant and… Continue reading A Parenting Resolution: The Little Things

How to leave the house with children:

There are lots of things, with hindsight, worth savouring in the days before little people  come along and ruin enhance your life. Functioning brain cells, eating with two hands, long hot showers (go crazy and put conditioner in your hair!), unassisted bathroom trips and hot, rather than tepid food and beverages to name a few.… Continue reading How to leave the house with children: