3 things I wish I’d known about life with a toddler and newborn:

This Little Sprogblog

You’ve done it before. You know how to work the buggy, feed, change and soothe a little sleep-thief and you are well practiced in going about your daily business one-handed. You are under no illusion it will be easy and you mentally prepare yourself for the return of sleepless nights and feeding around the clock, but, you think you know what’s coming and you’ve got this; you’re nervously excited.

Fleeting thoughts cross your mind: mostly, how will your firstborn cope? Will they feel rejected or pushed out? Your throat catches and you inwardly sob a little at the idea and make a mental note to keep their routine and world as similar to pre-no2 as possible. You know other moms with more than one child. Some tell you ‘it’s more than double the work’, others tell you it’s easier second time around when you know what you’re doing (ignore these…

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